How do I pay for CGC classes?

The first two sessions are a trial and are paid weekly in cash. Following the trial, fees are paid monthly and in advance by standing order..


What should my child wear for Gymnastics?


For the first few sessions, shorts or leggings and a close-fitting t shirt. Once you have completed the trial, club members must wear the club uniform which can be purchased at reception.


How are we billed?

CGC is open for 48 weeks in a year. you are billed for 48 weeks a year. We split your bill into 12 equal monthly payments.

Are your coaches qualified?
Vanessa Mitchell is a level 3 qualified women's artistic and level3 general gymnastics coach and has more than 15 years coaching experience in cornwall. She has coached gymnastics at all levels, including reaching national finals on more than one occasion.
Ashleigh mitchell  has a BA HONS in dance and choreography and is part way through her level 3 coaching course for women's artistic gymnastics. An experienced, high level gymnast herself, she brings a wealth of enthusiasm and experience to her role.
How do we join?
If you are interested in signing your son or daughter up for gymnastics, please click this link and complete our online form.  We will then be in touch as soon as a suitable place becomes available for you.
Can parents watch?
We do not allow parents in the gym. However, you may peek through the window to see how your child is getting on as long as you do not distract the children during their session. 


How any children are in a group?


The ratio of children to Coach is 8 to 1 for health and safety reasons. this is guideline set by British gymnastics.